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About Us

Hotel Bulgaria – the diamond of Petrich, is located in the foothills of Belasitsa mountain. It is an attractive force for the connoisseurs of comfort and luxury, an oasis in the dynamic city.

What sets us different and a preferred choice ?

Our complex offers summer garden under the shadows of perennial trees and a seasonal open swimming pool. 

We will warmly welcome not only you, but also but also our beloved pets.

Why you should choose hotel Bulgaria?

Summer garden

Spend a cool summer day under the shades of hundred-year-old trees with a glass of cold frappe in your hand.

Swimming Pool

Cool down in the hottest summer days in our open swimming pool offering an open bar and a great music playlist to uplift your mood.

Pet Friendly

Your pets are more than welcome in hotel Bulgaria.

FREE Parking

Free and secured parking is available to all guests of hotel Bulgaria. 

Convenient Location

There is a supermarket opposite the hotel, and a bus stop right outside the parking.

Hotel Bulgaria is located in the central part of the town. Located nearby is the beautiful town park, where you will also find the History Museum of Petrich. The home of the well known prophetess -Vanga – deserves your special attention. 

Local tourist attractions

Rupite & Heraclea Sintica

Rupite, located 10 km away from Petrich, is an area where  you will find a church built by the prophetess Vanga, as well as a house where she lived. The name of the church is ‘St. Petka’. You may also take advantage of the mineral springs there and their healing properties. 

Take a few minutes drive from there an you will end up in the remains of the antique town of Heraclea Sintica that existed in the period  IV century BC – VI century AD 

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The town of Melnik

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, and it is located 25 km away from Petrich. By going there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy picturesque views, remarkable architecture and amazing wine. 

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Samuil's fortress

Samuil’s Fortress is the name of a medieval fortress, located in between Belasitsa and Ograzhden mountains. It is situated on the right bank of the Strumeshnitsa river, 16km west of the town of Petrich.

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Rozhen Monastery

You can discover the medieval Rozhen monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God only 30 km away from the town of Petrich.  This is the largest monastery in the Pirin Mountains.  

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Have you ever heard of Zlatolist and the reverend Stoyna? If you have, then you certainly would like to visit this enigmatic place. At only 35 km away from Petich, you will find the chuch ‘St. George’ by reverend Stoyna. 

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If you are as passionate about wine as we are, then the local wineries should definitely be on your list with places to visit. The wineries that we strongly recommend are:

Orbelia,  Melnik Pyramids, Logodaj, Zlaten Rozhen, Villa Melnik, Rupel, Orbelus and winery Manolev.

Dolene village

You will find the small colourful paradise of Dolen village, hidden in the embrace of Ograzhden mountain. A walk on the streets covered by different flowers will leave a core memory in you. Beware of the breath taking view of Belasitsa mountain, what a sight to see!

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Photo of a house in Dolene village

St. Iliya,
Belasitsa village

„St. Iliya“ is a church from the revival period of Bulgaria, located in the village of Belasitsa (formerly known as Eleshnitsa). It has been declared as a cultural monument.

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Natural park Belasitsa

Natural park Belasitsa hides countless beauties! You can take a hike and go to the Belasitsa hut, or  you can discover some of the waterfalls in the mountain – have no doubt, there are so many instagrammable places!

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The national borders with Greece and North Macedonia are only 20 km away from Petrich.

Our customers are always as well cared for as possible.

We organize green school for students.

Each one of you is special to us

Do not walk, run! Visit the best hotel under the Sun!

Give yourself comfort and pleasure, and amount of luxury that is hard to measure!

Take a deserved rest at a place where you will be treated the best! 

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